(*Notice of content change)


2021/2/12 LED has been changed from battery type to outlet type.

As a result, the price has changed from 154,000 yen to 159,000 yen.

In addition to dimming, it is now possible to adjust the color between orange light and white light.


A compact KATANA display case that can be placed on a desk. (* Sword and KOSHIRAE are not included)

The product in the photo is blue.


Equipped with space for humidity control material.

Protects the sword from sudden changes in humidity.

Swords less than 100cm(39.4in) in length can be displayed.

Since it will be manufactured after ordering, it will take 2 months to deliver.


Koshirae is not able to exhibit.

The lights are commercially available, but they are not for viewing.

If you want a full-fledged viewing, put a spotlight on the blade from the outside of the case,

Please consider other display cases (KATANA BAKO, TANTO BAKO series).

The attached video shows how it looks when the spotlight is shone from the outside.


■ Product information

・Dimensions (W x H x D / unit: mm)


〇 Product outside dimensions



〇 Dimensions in the exhibition

1144 x 170 x 66


* Storage BOX

None (the space for the humidity control material is under the base)


・ Approximately 9 kg (excluding sword)


・ Material

Frame: Steel plate (iron)

Backboard: Wallpaper is attached to PC (polycarbonate)

Base: Wallpaper on a steel plate

Sword rack: Sponge on steel plate

Front door: Acrylic


■ Accessories

・ LED light (magnet type)

Commercial product: TopYart LED orange light Battery type (4 pieces) + 10-step dimming remote control

(J * 8 AAA batteries are required. Batteries are not included)


・ 1 humidity control material

■ Usage environment ・ Japan and overseas ・ For indoor use only (to protect the exhibits, use at room temperature 15 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, humidity 40 % ~ 60%)


■ Notes

-This product is all handmade. There are also welding points, which may cause slight distortion, scratches, and dents. (There is no problem in use)


・ If you send the product outside Japan, you will have to pay the shipping and customs fees. (Customs fees cannot be answered in advance, as the local customs officers will determine the cost.)


・ Please check the terms of use before purchasing. (It is available when you go to the purchase page) It is assumed that you have agreed to the terms of use at the time of purchase.