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Katana case moku

Katana case moku

A sword display case with the theme of harmony between cypress and sword. (*Katana and Koshirae are not included)


■ Features

・It is possible to display wakizashi, katana, and tachi with a total length of 120 cm or less.


・Uses cypress with excellent humidity control effect. You can enjoy swords as if they were stored in a sword chest. please)


・There is almost no reflection due to the anti-reflection acrylic, so you can enjoy viewing and shooting the sword beautifully even in a bright room.


・Blocks 99% of 300-380nm UV rays that are harmful to works of art. Protects exhibits from deterioration from UV rays.


・It can be locked with a key to prevent children from tampering and theft.


・The soft-closing design allows the front door to be locked in the open position when loading and unloading, and closed slowly when closing. As a result, even if you accidentally release your hand when closing the door, the blade will not be impacted.

・When you open the door, the scent of cypress envelops the entire room and soothes you.


・It will take 2-3 months to deliver as we will move to production after ordering.


Click here for moku's production diary ↓



■ Product information
・Dimensions (width x height x depth / unit: mm)

〇 Product size
Wall-mounted only: W1243 x H531 x D171
Separately available monitor rack for wall mounting (here)Please use.

〇Exhibition dimensions

〇 Storage box dimensions (width x length x depth)


・LED light

3000K (light bulb color) Light distribution angle 30 to 50° variable: 4


・Weight about 25kg


・For 100 to 120V only (cable length 1m)

*Please use a transformer when using in areas beyond that. Doing so may cause a fire.



Frame: Hinoki

Backboard: Hinoki &MDF

Sword holder: Hinoki

Front door: Low-reflection museum acrylic (acrylic with almost no reflection)


・Compliant with Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law (PSE)


■ Usage environment

・Indoor use only (To protect exhibits, please use within the range of room temperature 15°C to 30°C and humidity 40% to 60%)


■ Precautions

・This product isAll handmade. Minor distortions, scratches, and dents may occur. (There is no problem in use) Also, since natural wood is used, the wood grain and other patterns may differ from the photo.

・When installing the product on the wall, be sure to check in advance whether the wall can withstand 50 kg.

(We cannot guarantee any damage to the wall, damage to the product, or damage to the exhibits when it is installed on the wall.)


・Although it is possible to visit and set up, you will be asked to bear the round-trip transportation expenses and accommodation expenses (for one night) for two people separately.

・When sending to a country other than Japan, you will be responsible for additional shipping and customs fees.

(Customs fees are determined by local customs officials, so we cannot answer in advance.)


・Please check the terms of use before purchasing. (You can find it on the purchase page)

It is assumed that you have agreed to the terms of use at the time of purchase.

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