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Keisuke Nakamura

After purchasing a Japanese sword for the first time in 2018, I decided to make a display case where I could display the japanese sword in the room from the desire to look every day.

Retired from a company that worked for 10 years at the end of 2018 in order to concentrate on production, and started working independently as a KATANA-CASE-SHI(A person who makes a display case for a Japanese sword).

Previously engaged in product development for about 10 years at a manufacturer.

Learn product design using various materials such as steel plates, metal bars, resins, woodwork, and molded products.


Display case concept

「Museums everywhere, only there」

「Bringing the beauty of your sword to the limit」

While studying the structure of the museum's display case, even in places where there is no dedicated equipment like a museum, such as condominiums and detached houses, shrines and temples, the display case where you can decorate anywhere regardless of the place can be turned into a museum Is being produced.

In addition to being able to safely manage swords, we are constantly thinking of ways to bring out the beauty of swords using traditional techniques such as lacquering.


Display case safety and handling

There is no automatic humidity controller in the case.

The reason is that you may overestimate the function and neglect daily checks.

If the machine is broken, the sword may rust without realizing it.


Traditionally, Japanese swords have been stored and valued in safes in SHIROSAYA(白鞘).

In the past, it was difficult to adjust the temperature and humidity in the past, and such customs are still continuing, but with the development of home appliances and the ease of adjusting the temperature and humidity, it has become easier to reproduce the environment like a museum even in a house You.

Therefore, when exhibiting in the case, put a humidifier or dehumidifier in the room, and check the temperature and humidity meter installed in the case to make sure that the environment inside the case is properly maintained I dare to add time.

Every day I want you to look at the sword a little.

However, sudden changes in humidity are a major enemy, so to prevent this, we have provided a space inside the case to allow the use of humidity control materials.


Highly transparent acrylic is used for the front door and side panels.

You can see the blade beautifully like glass. (The reason we avoided using glass is that if it breaks, fragments may scatter and damage the blade.)

The sponge rubber, which has high waterproof and cushioning properties, is used to prevent rust on the contact surface, and the sword is protected from falling even during an earthquake and is hardly scratched.


Thoughts on a sword display cases

Mysteriously, if you display a sword in a room, the room will be silent.

When you work in such an environment, you are always naturally and focused.

Recently, the number of young people, including me, and those overseas who are interested in Japanese swords are gradually increasing.
Also, it seems that the number of people who actually purchase it is increasing.

It is difficult to have your sword displayed in an actual museum, but you can create your own museum by hanging the display case on the wall.

I'm glad to see such a spiral, where more people display swords in the room with the feeling of displaying a picture, and those who come to see it will be more interested in swords.

Many people, such as local temples and shrines, who want many people to see famous swords, may not be able to display properly in the environment of facilities such as lights.

The case is equipped with suitable lighting, and the sword can be handled safely, so it can be displayed beautifully like an art museum just by connecting it to an outlet.

It is my greatest pleasure to help such a person.

Japanese swords have been handed down carefully, but if the number of interested people decreases, they cannot be left to future generations.

I want to leave as many as many Japanese swords in a beautiful state for posterity.

I'm glad my case creation helps.

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