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Tabletop Tanto case2.0

Tabletop Tanto case2.0

A display case for Tanto that allows you to enjoy sword appreciation like an art museum by displaying it on a desk or wall.


*Tanto and Koshirae are not included.

* Only those who have purchased the old-type"Tabletop Tanto case 1.0" will be sold at a special discount.

Please select from the options.


・ Click here for the production diary of the desktop tanto box ↓

Improvement status of "desktop short sword box" ① | Japanese sword blog by Keisuke Nakamura | note



■ Features

・It is possible to display short swords and small wakizashi with a total length of 58 cm or less.

Koshirae can be displayed up to φ7.5 cm in tsuba and 58 cm in total length.


・Because the front door is locked, it is safe even if there are small children and pets.


- Humidity control material included. It protects the sword from sudden changes in humidity.

(The humidity control material only plays an auxiliary role. It does not automatically adjust the humidity, so if the humidity exceeds 60%, please dehumidify the room with an air conditioner. is ideally 40-60%)


・The attached spotlight (3000K, orange) can illuminate any position 360° and can be dimmed with a remote control.


・Since the front panel is treated with anti-reflection, there is little reflection, so you can appreciate the sword and take pictures without stress. Please use the designated camera lens cleaner when wiping dirt such as fingerprints (available on Amazon).


・Blocks 99% of 300-380nm UV rays that are harmful to works of art.


・As an option, the base can be made to have a foil lacquer finish. Makes the sword even more beautiful.



■Delivery time

It takes about 1-2 months to deliver after confirmation of payment as it will be manufactured after ordering.

In the case of foil lacquer, it will take about 2 to 3 months.

* This is not the case when orders are busy. In that case, we will contact you separately.




■ Product information

・Product dimensions



・Gap between sword hooks



・Storage box

None (There is a space under the base for the humidity control material)


・Weight approx. 6kg (excluding sword)



Frame: Steel plate (iron)

Backboard: Wallpaper pasted on PC (polycarbonate)

Base: Wallpaper pasted on steel plate (paste lacquer on acrylic for foil lacquer specifications)

Sword holder: Aluminum (black alumite) with sponge

Front door: Anti-reflection acrylic (acrylic with almost no reflection)



■ Accessories

・1 set of humidity control materials (2 pieces)



■ Usage environment
・・Please use in japan.

if you want use this, plese use a conversion plug when using at overseas (working voltage 100-240V).
・Indoor use only (To protect exhibits, please use within the range of room temperature 15°C to 30°C and humidity 40% to 60%)
・Please refrain from installing in a place exposed to direct sunlight or near a window where dew condensation is likely to occur, in order to protect the exhibits.

■ Precautions

・This product isAll handmade. There is also a welded part, so minor distortions, scratches, and dents may occur. (There is no problem in use, but please refrain from purchasing if you are concerned about it.)

・When sending items outside of Japan, you will be responsible for additional shipping and customs fees.

(Customs fees are determined by local customs officials, so we cannot answer in advance.)

・Please check the terms of use before purchasing. (You can find it on the purchase page)
It is assumed that you have agreed to the terms of use at the time of purchase.

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