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This is a standard type TANTO(Short sword) display case.

(※ blade is not included)

It is possible to display TANTO shorter than 1syaku(1尺).

It will take about 3 months for delivery, so we can move on to production after ordering.


■ Product information

dimensions (width x height x depth / unit: mm)


〇Outside dimensions

When placed on the floor: 600 × 545 × 200

When hanging on a wall: 600 × 530 × 200


〇Exhibition dimensions

528 × 356 × 152


〇Storage BOX dimensions (width x length x depth)

492 × 117 × 51


・ LED light

2700K (bulb color) Light distribution angle 30 °: 2 piece

5000K (lunch white) Light distribution angle 30 °: 1 piece


The light bulb color is suitable for viewing the HAMON(刃文), and the neutral white color is suitable for viewing the JIGANE(地金).

* It is also possible to make it all light bulb color or daylight white.


・ Weight about 18kg


・ For 100V outlet (Cable length 3m )


・ Material

Frame: Steel plate (iron)

Backboard: Paste wallpaper on wood (MDF)

Base: Paste wallpaper on wood (MDF)

Sword holder: Aluminum

Front door: Acrylic

Side panel: Acrylic


■ Operating environment

・Use within the range of 15 ℃ ~ 30 ℃

・ Use within Japan

(If you use outside Japan, please consult from “Contact” )


■ Notes

・ This product is all handmade. There are also welding points, which may cause slight distortion, scratches, and dents. (There is no problem in use)


・ Before hanging the product on the wall, be sure to check in advance that the wall can withstand 50 kg.

(If the wall, product or exhibit is damaged when the product is mounted on the wall, we cannot compensate.)


・ Although it is possible to set up by visiting, you will have to pay the round trip transportation fee and accommodation fee (1 night) for 2 people.

・ If you live outside Japan, you will have to pay the shipping and customs fees. (Customs fees cannot be answered in advance as the local customs officials will determine the cost.)


・ Please check the terms of use before purchasing.

(You can check by going to the purchase page.)

It is assumed that you agree to the terms of use at the time of purchase.

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