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Tsuba display case

Tsuba display case

A Tsuba display case that can be displayed on a desk or wall. (* Tsuba not included)

It takes about 1-2 months (2-3 months for foil lacquer specifications) to deliver as it is made after ordering.

This is not the case when there are a lot of orders. In that case, I will contact you separately.



■ Features

・It is possible to decorate a tsuba with a diameter of 105 mm or less and a thickness of 9 mm or less.

・Both sides of the tsuba can be clearly seen from the front by the mirror and spotlight installed on the back.

・Because anti-reflection processing is applied to the front panel, there are few reflections, and viewing and photography can be done without stress. When wiping dirt such as fingerprints, please use the designated camera lens cleaner (hereavailable for purchase at

・The front panel can be opened and closed with a hinge. Easy to put in and take out the tsuba. Closes in close contact with the pattern with a magnet (cannot be locked)

・Blocks 99% of harmful 300-380nm UV rays for works of art.


・Click here for the production diary of the tsuba display box↓

Make your own tsuba display case ① | Japanese sword blog by Keisuke Nakamura | note



■ Product information
・Dimensions (width x height x depth / unit: mm)


〇 Product size




Frame: Steel plate (iron)

Backboard: Mirror

Front door: Anti-reflection film processed acrylic



■ Accessories

- 6 LED spotlights (3000K, orange). Fixed irradiation position.


■ Usage environment
・Please use in Japan.

if you use case at overseas, please use a conversion plug. (working voltage 100-240V)

■ Precautions

・This product isAll handmade. There is also a welded part, so minor distortions, scratches, and dents may occur. (There is no problem in use)

・When sending items outside of Japan, you will be responsible for additional shipping and customs fees.

(Customs fees are determined by local customs officials, so we cannot answer in advance.)

・Please check the terms of use before purchasing. (You can find it on the purchase page)
It is assumed that you have agreed to the terms of use at the time of purchase.

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